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downerIt’s been a while since I’ve watched any television. I hadn’t been home long enough to turn on the telly and watch a program from start to finish. For the shows I do like, I might decide to watch it on my laptop at a convenient time but an active social life combined with a love of sleep has meant my telly has been neglected lately.

Last night though, I got home in enough time to catch the end of The Apprentice. Having nothing else to watch and not wanting to watch the follow-up ‘The Apprentice – You’re Fired’, I decided to channel surf as I had an hour to kill. I stumbled upon a show that definitely had me laughing, cussing and drooling all at the same time. It was a dating show for millionaires who can’t find love.

They go to a matchmaker with a bad fake tan and a loud mouth and she goes out and finds girls to fit their requirements. She then organises a little soiree in which the bachelors interact with all these girls picking their favourite two at the end of the evening. They have one on one time with both girls picking the one they want to go on a ‘first date’ with. It’s an intriguing show. I was definitely kept interested. One of the bachelors was a 39yr old guy from Hawaii who is a children’s author. His net worth is in the millions and to add to it, the guy is gorgeous. He had sandy brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He was 6′ and well built. This guy was DELICIOUS!

Why is he single you ask? Well it seems our Mr Delicious is an AGEIST! Yeah you heard me, he’s ageist. Though this dude is 39, he would not even look at any female older than 28. The younger the better. Thing is, while this might not be hard considering his good looks and wealth, he also wants a girl who’s brunette, that surfs, loves sports, is career focused, is very intelligent – you get my drift. In short, he wants his perfect woman and he wants her to have stick ability.

So Mr Delicious wants a younger lady who is established in her career and likes the same things he does. Oh and she has to have model looks. Not a slice of fat on her body.

You have to respect the guy whatever your opinions. Thing is the show was centred on the fact that the matchmaker is an older lady who was offended by her client’s discriminating views. She truly believed he could find the girl of his dreams if only he would be open to dating someone older. She sent him to a relationship coach for a chat and then had a soiree with beautiful women in attendance. The only catch, they were all over the age of 28.

The rule at the soiree was that Mr Delicious can not ask the age of the women he spoke to. Everything else was fair game. From the jump you could see he was attracted to a beautiful brunette with a sharp wit and a partiality to surfing. It was a match made in millionaire heaven.

He picked her and took her surfing for the first date. They got on like a house on fire. He was so sprung on her it seemed as though he would ask her to marry him right there and then. And then, the issue of age crept up. It was shocking to see his reaction.

Though our mistress of leisure didn’t look it, she was in fact in her early thirties. For a couple that really liked each other, his complete withdrawal at the end of the date when he accidentally found out her age was a disgrace. I actually cringed.

If this dude hadn’t gotten on with the chick and called her the girl of his dreams before hand, I wouldn’t have had an issue with him. The only reason he ran for the Hollywood Hills, was because she was a little older than 28. I was in shock.

So here’s my issue for deliberation. What do you guys think? If he had been standing in front of me, I would have punched him in the stomach – I’m not tall enough to reach his face even with my heels on! I would have snogged him after but that’s not the point. Are men really that shallow? How do you really hope to get a companion that’s worth her grain if you have so many restrictions in place? Help me out here people. I know men are supposed to be visual creatures but he was attracted to her from the get-go. Its insulting that a woman, who was previously seen as interesting and fun to be around, can be discarded because of her age. What other disqualifiers are there? Her background? The distance between her eyes? When does it stop?

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  • Simi A said:

    What a Muppet!

    I must say that these American shows do over-exaggerate a tad bit just for entertainment reasons but truth be said there are some guys out there just like the one you describe and it is all to do with vanity of all vanities..all like they is vanity.

    I am sure just as you described him with his “delicious”, he must probably think the same of himself and actually believe he is God’s gift to women and because he has all the assets (monetary only) to go with it, he thinks he is the TTP..(The Total Package) so therefore anyone woman lucky enough to be with him must adhere to his own criteria, because surely anyone woman lucky enough to be chosen must know that he doesn’t go for mediocre but the finer things in life like his over-size ego.

    What foolishness! They should throw him overboard and ship his unrealistic expectations back to Hawaii..sometimes these older men make me laugh instead of them to be ashamed that at their age they have not managed to succeed in that area called “commitment”, they want to go around cradle snatching for their own benefit.

    Phew! Glad I got that off my chest…sorry what was the question again? :)

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