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Is it all about the money?

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wealthWhat is your number one priority? For most of you (unknowingly or otherwise) your number one priority is money or at least something that has to do with money and having more of it.  Being the dynamic creatures we are, our priorities change from time to time.  So when you are straight out of university your main aim will probably be to clear your debt.  Later on you want a bigger house, better car – operative word being “want” (to show off perphaps) and not need.  I am not saying some of these things are bad or unnecessary, but remember my question – what is your number one priority?

Have you ever sat down to think of why you just want more and more of it?  Well it can all be summed up into one or two words or both: security and/or greed.  Taking the first word, with money you feel (not are, you feel) secure, even if there was an industry down turn, you are not too bothered – after all you have money.

A lot of us think that money is the answer to all our problems.  The parents think that if they had more money they will be able to raise their kids better; the couple believe that if they had more money their marriage will be better, the most interesting are the guys who believe that with more money they will be able to get the woman of their choice.

A quick word of advice – if you need money to get your wife you are making a big mistake.  Don’t get me wrong you could be well off and get married, but if being well off is a key criterion in the equation, please save yourself the hassle.  Well if all these notions are correct then tell me why millionaires wake up one morning and decide that day would be a good day to jump out the window of their pent-house apartment.

Don’t get me wrong, its not just millionaires that have issues.  Public school boy Joe is in a rehab centre and the fact that both Joe and the millionaire are facing issues shows that money has little to do with happiness.  From the above, you can see that money neither protects you from taking your own life, nor give you life, for there is no guarantee you will be alive tomorrow, even if you own the world…

Likewise when you are earning 25K a year (and assuming your responsibilities don’t change) you often say to yourself if I could be on 35K I will be OK and it goes up and up.  So the same person with the same responsibilities all of a sudden needs at least 100K to finance responsibilities that have not changed – GREED.

Greed becomes part of you without you even knowing it and soon you will go to any length to feed your greed.  Please note there is a fine line between being ambitious and greedy or both.  Whether you are ambitious or greedy depends on the actions you are willing to take to achieve your goals.  Whether your quest for money is led by greed and/or security, ultimately with more money you believe you will have a more fulfilling life or you believe your life will complete.

It is almost like you are trying to fill some sort of void in your life; something is missing but you can’t place your hands on it so in desperation you begin to fill this void the best way you know how – in search of money which you believe is the answer.  Like I said earlier, money is by no means bad; all that is needed is some priority reshuffling.

In fact, as you can see, in most cases money is not what you are after.  You just want some sense of completeness, achievement and purpose which you believe money will bring.  But is that really the case?  Do you really feel complete?  Do you wonder why despite all the money and pay increase you can not honestly say that you are happy and feel complete?

Maybe a better word to use is peace.  Although you can convince yourself that all is well and that you are happy with life, you can’t fake true peace. You may claim you have peace and even believe it but somewhere in you, you know it is not so.

Are you worried about what the future holds; how your kids are going to turn out?  Are you driven by what people think about you?  Are you worried about your health (even though you are a fitness freak!) and so on.  In all these cases, though you may be the richest person in the world, you can not say you have true peace.

The picture I am trying to paint is that more often than not we seek money and earthly possessions thinking we are really after money but in reality, we are after other things and possibly looking for ways to alleviate various worries all while believing money is the answer.  Some of you truly believe you are happy and are full of peace.  If you are such a person, please take a minute to examine why you think so and if its probably because everything is going OK.

You have a good job, good relationship/marriage, investments secure and so on.  That is that your happiness and peaceful state is as a result of your circumstances.  This again is not my idea of true peace and happiness because if one thing goes wrong, your whole world crumbles hence why you have millionaires jumping out of their apartments, upstanding citizens taking to drugs, violence, excessive drinking (they claim to be social drinking) stealing and so on.

I am talking about being at peace with yourself no matter what the situation you’re in or what life throws at you.  Not worrying at all about the future for you know its all going to work out – you are not wishful or hopeful about the future but you know – you are sure - the future is all good.  Even if you lost it all tomorrow – the job, house, everything.

If I take a census, I am sure I will find quite a number of people willing to find out more about how they can get true peace, fill that void and get true happiness.  Most of you will be willing to pay me money for it – again already thinking that money is the answer.  Fortunately it is free.

How, I hear you ask?  Let me explain why I have true peace.  It is not because I have a well paying job or live in a nice apartment (these show that I am rich) but rather because no matter my situation/circumstance I am at peace.  I am complete.  I have and know my purpose (why I am here).  I don’t fret or worry about the future because I know it is bright and secure and not because of my job, education and so on.

So the real questions you should be asking yourself is – are my claims above attainable, is it all about money, if not what?  What good is this quest for money (and even having so much of it) if my seeing tomorrow is not guaranteed and if you can plough through all this questions please ask yourself – what next when I die seeing as money doesn’t guarantee you life?

By the way if you are reading this l can assume you have a certain level of education and as a result a developed brain so please don’t tell me you don’t believe nothing happens when you die…

I will continue this next time so stay tuned but I hope I have left you with enough to ponder on.  Do leave your comments and I will be sure to address any issues raised next time.  Take it easy people!  Over and out!

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