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Look who’s back!




I’ve been on a hiatus – sweet sweet hiatus. Needed some time off to ease some of the pressures I was under but I’m back! So much seems to have changed in my absence – most significantly, I broke up with my ‘boy-friend/thing/irritant’ and am looking to party! I hear cave men everywhere beating their chests in anticipation singing ‘At last’ Beyonce inaugural style!!!!

Having been away from the dating game for a while whilst hooked on the ‘one who wont be named’, it seems that the rules have changed. Before allowing myself to be tied up and locked away, I was quite proficient in the game. I could get whoever I wanted without much effort but speaking to my single girls, it seems that too is undergoing change. Crazy unsettling times indeed!

I’m sure some of you are curious as to where I’ve been. As someone who tries very hard not to live in the past, I’m going to leave that story for another day. The more immediate thing though is I’ve found my rebound-thing and I’m mega confused.

OK here is the issue. I was hooked on my ex thing for over 3 years. Then something major happened and it broke me. Well for a few hours at least. The next day, I decided I was going to enjoy the single life and devote myself completely to it. And then my rebound happened and though I know it’s not a long time thing, I kinda really like him.
As you can tell, I’m not looking for anything heavy. In fact, before I met rebound guy, I wanted to put myself through an experiment when I explore this whole dating thing. No rules – just an exploration of the animal in me – well the kitten anyway. But then rebound guy appeared and he was the perfect guy to get back at the ex with. But now, I’m all confused.
So here’s the scenario. Fun-loving, independent girl meets fun-loving charismatic guy. Girl has just undergone torture Guantanamo bay style at the hands of the ex and is not interested in finding another guy with a new torture technique. Girl is attracted to guy though and wants to see if it will be as good as he looks. Girl accepts date from guy. Girl ends up liking guy’s smooth but easy style. Guy really likes girl (how could he not!!!)Guy wants girl to make a commitment to him. Girl is back to square one.
Before you all rush in and tell me how women are simple emotional beings, please note that I’m not one of those women. I’m as hard as Wolverine’s claws and need no one to ‘complete’ me. But I am a sucker for good conversation and a laugh. And rebound guy is got all this in abundance. The question now is how do I make him see that though I want to carry on getting to know him, I still want to explore myself without a serious relationship in tow? I don’t want to hurt him or end it but I can’t give him everything he’s asking for. What the hell is wrong with men anyway? Why cant all men act like their simple selves – you know their chest beating, wood gathering self as opposed to this game playing devious nature they seem to have adapted!?
Anyway here’s my point of deliberation and it’s not a long one. What is it that women really want? Do we even know? Can women ever really turn on the animal in them the way men can’t seem to turn theirs off? Do you think I can really date/have fun with no strings attached? I’m curious to see what insights you can bring my way. Plus its simply fun to be back!


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