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Sweet melodie…




All around the world over, ‘latino’ women are considered some of the most beautiful women around.  Now combine this beauty with a soulful voice that can melt even the strongest of defenses and what do you have?  Melodie Joy that’s who!  A true artist who’s very heartbeat is music, her songs are a blend of different flavours all reflective of who she is.

We were so honoured to have a chance to sit down with MJ and find out what she is up to and what is behind her music.  She is beautiful, talented, and so very sweet – can you ask for more?  You can? Well read on and find out about this beautiful latin sultry singer who is taking the world over one song at a time…

Enjoy folks.

RW:  Firstly, could you start off by telling us a little something about yourself and where you’re from MJ.

MJ: I was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico and raised in Bayonne, New Jersey.  I’m now residing in Orlando, FL.  I am about to be 25 years old.  OMG (Oh my God), I’m getting old (laughs)

RW: Not that old. As you’re one in a line of musicians, do you feel any pressure to ‘fill their shoes’?

MJ: I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing musicians and there have been times where nerves just take over but I’ve got to pull myself together and sing somehow.  I don’t know how I do it.  I’ve even forgotten my lyrics because when I look over, I see the amazing musician I’m standing next to.  One thing I always know is that it’s never a competition for me.  As ministers of the gospel through music, we’re on the same team.  I’ve been taught from a very young age to always have a spirit of excellence and that continues with who I work with nowadays.

RW: Tell us what it was like starting out so young with so little training.

MJ: From the moment I can remember, I’ve loved to sing.  As a little girl, even before I could write, my father used to get on his guitar and strum some chords and I’d make up a song off the top of my head.  Something about the trees, the birds and Jesus.  So that was my real first training ever of song-writing.  As I grew up, Mariah Carey was such a big vocal influence and I studied her riffs and runs for hours after school.  At around the age of 16, I first started taking vocal coaching lessons by Gerry Williams.  He’s been an amazing person and we still keep in contact today.  I’m always telling him that I need to visit and get some coaching from him and he’s always like ‘You’re crazy girl – you know what you’re doing’.  He’s the best. (smiles)  It might be hard to imagine but I was so scared to sing in front of people – even my parents.  I was so shy.  They saw through that and knew that I was created to sing.  They’ve been and continue to be my support system.

RW: You’re so young but no one could guess that at first glance or even by listening to your music. You have a maturity and a humbleness and this is radiated through your music. What would you attribute this to?

MJ:  WOW.  Humbleness doesn’t come easy. Let me explain.  When you have people constantly reminding you of your gift and your voice and your this and your that, it briefly takes the light off God who gave the gift.  That’s why it’s really important to me that people realise that it isn’t even about me.  I’m just a body that God is using to say and do whatever he pleases.  I’d rather learn to be humble than have God humble me because it won’t be pretty.  My parents have been a great reason for this as well.  Just because I’m an only child doesn’t mean that I’ve been spoiled.  As hard as it is to believe, it’s true.  They are my real source of ‘home’ and all that is normal and real to me.  Everything else is just added goodies.

RW:  For someone who has accomplished so much, how do you stay grounded?

MJ: The only way I really stay grounded is by the close circle of people that I allow into my life to speak to me and spend time with.  Like my mentor (Pst. Clint Brown) says ‘Whoever has your ear, has your future’.

RW: The new album is underway and nearly with us. Can you tell us what we can expect?

MJ:  Wow. This album means so much to me considering all the things I’ve had to go through to be at this point in my life.  I’ve written almost all the songs in English but we’re translating them to be sung in Spanish first.  But I do have both versions so we really hope to come out with this in English as well.  You’ll be hearing sounds of R & B with a Spanish flare, some classic power ballads and even some middle eastern elements.  So enjoy.

RW:  For someone who has never heard of you, why should they pick up your album?

MJ: Well the pictures will be cute (laughs).  I’m just kidding.  The message behind the music is what’s really life changing and important.  It’s my own personal testimony of the trials that I’ve had to encounter since my first Spanish album titled ‘Virus Del Milenio’.  The long and hard process has made me realise that when God has placed a calling on your life, nothing can stop it from coming to pass.  So you should buy it to encourage your own gift that might have been staggered for whatever reason.  Have faith.

RW:  You seem to have so much going for you. For your younger fans, what do you aim to leave with them when they hear the new record?

MJ: I hope to be an inspiration to the young people and a breath of fresh air to parents.  With the way our media is, it’s hard to even turn on the TV and not see so much junk.  There are too many shallow things that we young people are expecting just because we see it on TV.  No you don’t have to be a size ‘0′.  No you don’t have to be promiscuous to get attention.  You get my point.  You don’t have to do what everybody else is doing to be cool.  Your security comes from knowing who you are.  The only way anyone can really understand is by having a revelation for yourself as I did.  God reveals to you who you really are.  The Bible is really the source of life.  No one is perfect so don’t put your faith in men.

RW:  Excellent points.  Is singing your only passion?

MJ:  Besides singing being my passion, I love to read and write.  I love to read ’self-help’ books that are Christian based.  Writing is therapy for me.  I put on paper what my heart is overwhelmed by and I really feel a sense of freedom in doing that.

RW:  Where can we expect to find you a year from now?

MJ:  Hopefully married! Of course in God’s time and perfect will.  Just continuing to make great music.  Involved in helping others to get their projects started with a professional team of people.

Check out Melodie at her official website

Till next time folks…


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