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Ok.  Let’s set the scene here.  We’ve been up and down, far and wide searching for a voice that can truly amaze and leave you wanting more.  This is the centre for excellence and we know you demand just that so we knew we had to ‘bring it’.  Anyway, just when every face was starting to look the same, every voice singing the same tune, we found ourselves face-to-face with a beauty whose voice and style was fresh and edgy.

JD definetly stands out in a crowd.  Although soft spoken, you’d never know it when you listen to her songs.  Her new single, The Noise, is so loud and electrifying, you wouldn’t believe it came from such a sweet and soft soul.  That’s the appeal.  She’s different.  She’s different in a way that intrigues rather than repels.  She’s young yet mature, strong yet sweet, confident yet humble.

She’s definelty one that impresses and leaves an impression.  Her style is interesting and appealing. So we knew we had to get her on  So we did.  We were not disappointed by the person we encountered and we’re sure you wouldn’t be either.  So sit back and relax as we introduce to you – the talented Jesse Daniels…

Interacting with Jesse, a native New Yorker, was an interesting experience.  Having started young within the entertainment industry, JD is no stranger to bright lights, cameras and attention.  Having been involved in musicals, films and adverts, the young lady knows a thing or two about the business.  Speaking to about her early start into her career, she spoke of her parents taking her from one audition to another because they knew it was what she wanted to do. jd

That might make you wonder why she choose music seeing as she got her start in movies and advertising.  Reflecting she says, “Right after 9/11, I felt that God wanted me to use my voice.  I went to a new church after the event and that was when I felt God tug at my heart more heavily. He wanted to use my voice.”

Her desire to pursue a singing career might not sound so foreign considering the fact that Jesse was involved in musicals from a young age but even at the tender age of 19, her passion for music hasn’t wanned.  Instead, it has grown with the realisation that this is what she was made to do and what she wants to do.

Being a native New Yorker might explain why her style is so edgy.  After accepting that music was the path she wanted to take, the next step was deciding what she was going to be putting out there.  As she was right at the centre of it all , it might not surprise you to know it somehow features in her music.  Sharing her philosophy with us, she says ” I think that everyone has something different about them.  I always say in order to make a difference, you have to be different.”

Well what about people who influence her music and style.  Speaking of her influences, she notes “I guess I’ve always listened to the radio – whatever was out.  I listened to a lot of vocalists growing up like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.  People like Alanis Morrisette and Jewel were also favourties.”

JD feels people can feel some of these flavours in her music although her style is uniquely her own.  Commenting on this, she states “I honestly hope that they (the audience) see something different in me, whether its something I say or do or something crazy they see but I hope it’s different and they take to it.  What I aim to do is to reveal God in the most real and relevant way possible.  Being from NY, I find that Christianity is more a lifestyle rather than something I do.  When people see me on stage, I hope they see that in me.”

As young as she is, it’s amazing to see that she lives her life by her beliefs in a higher power rather than chasing titles.  We asked her about this.  Laughing she answered, “The thing is I could say I want a grammy or I want to be famous.  Everyone in acting would love an Oscar – I would love to get a grammy.  But the bottom line is that I believe in myself enough to know that I would be here in the long-haul.  My talents are bigger than just me.  I pray that in the long run, I do what God wants.”

Speaking so much about her faith in relation to her ambitions while considering her age, it makes you stop and ask, so what about her family?  Where do they feature in all of this?  Speaking on how her family contributes to her dreams, she says “They contribute so much.  From the very beginning, they’ve been so supportive - emotionally and financially.  They’re just awesome.  Of course they influence who I am.  They raised me to be independent.”

And independent she is.  She has been on the road and when we caught up with the young singer, she was far from home in Tennesse.  She’s working hard on her projects including a Christmas album and her second album is already in the pipeline.  Joking about it she states “It’s never too early to start is it?”.  You can catch her performing in Songfest – a Christian festival in different cities and she’s been having a blast.

Although she is very busy with her “crazy” schedule, Jesse is never too busy to make new friends.  She tells us “I miss everyone back at home but as far as new friendships go, I think it’s fun.  Being away so much you get to find out who your true friends are.  As far as relationships go, I haven’t found the right person for me.  I would rather be in nothing than in something meaningless!”

Young but mature.  You can’t beat that.  But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have bad days; days she doesn’t feel so sociable.  For most people, we run and hide till the moment passes.  For Jesse, she “sucks it up”.  Talking about it she notes “In a lot of ways you have no choice.  You remind yourself that this is bigger than you.  God always does something cool when I’m most down and someone would say something I want to hear.”

On the whole, JD shows that her music is her means of touching the world, one record at a time.  Commenting on she says “I really like the site.  I come on and it has a whole bunch of things – not just music.  It has a bit of everything.  As I try to share my openmindedness with everyone to try and strip down the banners, so does”

Well thank you Jesse.  I’m sure by now, you know that we found a true star in the making.  For those who are left intrigued, and even those that are not, pick up a copy of her record and we promise you won’t be disappointed.  We sure weren’t.  Till next time folks…


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