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Something very interesting has been happening in the global community these last few weeks it seems.  Newspapers, Radio stations, TV, even the music and movie content being generated all seem to have one theme.  Whether expressed by showing the breakdown in the moral values of the society as a whole or highlighting the incompetence in government, the theme is centred on the downhill turn of our environment.  Spending money you don’t have, restlessness in our youth expressed in crime, systemic corruption in all levels of our government, the uncontrollable spread of disease and even the ruthless manner in the way we deal with one another; the global economic crisis has been a great spotlight on the decays within our individual societies.  Whether you live in a developed nation or an under-developed one, the reality remains the same across the board.

Not sure why this is.  We’ve recently gone past the halfway mark of the year and world leaders are meeting to reassess goals and set new ones.  All nations across the globe all seem to be dealing with their own challenges and leaders everywhere are attempting to come up with short term solutions to placate the growing unrest in the public arena.  With high profile celebrity deaths, low-budget summer holidays and no real solution to the sick state of the world economy, it is very easy to focus on nothing but the gloom portrayed.

It is at the centre of all this that I’ve been re-examining my worldview in an effort to get to grips with my reality.  My confidence in those in leadership and their ability to provide real-time solutions to the immediate worries plaguing us has taken a battering of late. The confidence that was there in the ‘boom’ has been replaced by the reality of an inept government.  The moral decay of the community, both local and global, has been a reality check that makes me so uncomfortable of how the world would look in the next few decades.  All of this while trying to figure how to pay my increasing bills.  It’s a vicious reality.

I was reading several weeks ago about a part of the Human brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS).  It is the part of the brain that filters all the information we take in both consciously and subconsciously.  It limits the things what we are aware of by removing the redundant things that you do not need based on your thought process or your beliefs or what you are focused on.  A great example I read of is the way you don’t really notice a car till you make the decision to buy that particular type of car.  All of sudden, you start seeing it everywhere.  That’s your RAS in action.  The cars have always been there but you didn’t notice it because your RAS was in its element.

This got me thinking.  Maybe its my RAS in action which would explain why I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the issues around me but that doesn’t change the fact that its always been there.  The crisis the nations finds themselves facing didn’t miraculously appear overnight.  They have been festering in the shadows for sometime now and it has only been unveiled due to a problem that could not stay hidden elsewhere.  Now I know its easy to sit back and point the finger at our corrupt leadership but contrary to all the gloom I see, there are some flashes of light also.  People who are not cowered and are actively pursuing change.  Leaders who refuse to make do but use this opportunity to promote an agenda of unification, progress and change.  This is the model for the next generation to highlight their need to aspire for more than they have or are. But it is not the work for one group of people alone.

So where does that leave us?  Do we, you and me, sit in our houses as we struggle to pay the mortgage and play the blame game?  Or do we finally rise to the challenge ahead of us letting go of the legacy thinking that has got us here?  We all have a unique gift that when developed and utilised, would not only create wealth and other treasures for us, but would fix a need somewhere.  That could be locally within your family or community or on a global plane.  Either way, our individual potential needs to be a focal point in the latter part of the year.

For me, I believe in the power of education.  Not just the accumulation of qualifications but the development of a world perspective that comes from a thirst for knowledge.  In every person, as long as you are human, your paradigms would shape your perceptions which in turn shape your reality.  Believing you have nothing of worth will colour your attitude to life and work and discipline and in turn will affect your reality – your day-to-day.  The battle starts with our attitudes to our selves.  Life will always have its set of knock-backs to throw at you but this life is also a choice.  Your potential to achieve more would come from your attitude and approach to life.  To how quickly you get back up when you get knocked down yet again and everything looks bleak around you.  No one said it would be easy but constantly making excuses gets me nowhere but in bed with a migraine.  So I’m learning not to make any.  I’m learning to deal with the next 24 hours only and not worry beyond that.  I’m learning to spend time learning from smart people who disagree with me in an effort to further improve and get more rounded. I’m still learning. That for me is what differentiates me from the next man or woman and ensure that the doors of opportunity stays open to me and that I don’t spend too long looking at closed doors thus missing newly opened ones.  After all, we are what we think and as a leader once said “With our thoughts we make our world”.  Life, as with booms and busts, works in cycles.  The most important factor is the person riding the storm.  Your greatest asset is and always will remain you.  Isn’t it about time we change our focus and start finding the treasures in us?  Developing that sends a message that’s trans-generational.  That is the starting step.


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