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Never thought I’d learn so much about finances playing a mafia style game. Here I am attempting to play a game on my phone and getting frustrated. The best part is that in my frustration I’m learning a life lesson.

Let me tell you a little about my highly addictive game. The goal is to gather as many weapons as you can in order to protect yourself as well as in order to be able to attack others taking their money when you win. The thing is your weapons come at a cost. You have to pay upkeep. Not all weapons require this but the ones that have a high defense and attack ratio do. Those are your RPGs or in the case of a vehicle, your Lamborghinis. So the higher the value, the higher the upkeep.

Thing is in order to afford the upkeep, as it’s not exactly cheap, you must buy adequate real estate to generate income.  So the more real estate or income you have, the more weaponry you can buy and the better protected you and your money are and lets not forget the more money you can make.

So here I am on the train on my way home from work attempting to unwind by playing a game. Instead what I find is that I’m being taken to school. The first lesson of the day – patience. I’m trying to play a game that requires Internet access on a train that seems to go through all the dead zones in London.  Second lesson – you can try all you want to accumulate wealth but if you don’t bargain for the unexpected you could well lose it all when a dead zone arises. Third lesson – plan your approach before embarking on that ‘get rich quick scheme’.

It’s rather bizarre how a game could teach me about my current financial status. You see I’m one of the millions of people all over the world who own at least one credit card. Alongside this I also have a mortgage as well as insurance and several other commitments. This means that the current financial crisis has hit me on a personal level in terms of repayment charges and just simply not having enough in comparison to what’s coming in. My salary or source of income is still the same but my outgoings somehow seem to have become unmanageable. How that happened is beyond me.

So back to my game. My reality is that I’m barely getting by. I’m squeezed from all angles and desperately hoping for a miracle everyday. In my game it seems the reality is just the same. Here I know I need to buy more weapons in order to survive in my game. But I also need real estate to pay for my weapons. While the charge for the weapons and armor are the same, once you buy a piece of real estate whether a shack or a luxury hotel, the price goes up. So what you paid 3000 for a second ago is now 3300 now. If only current property prices were like that! But what it also means is that though I could afford that price yesterday, today it’s out of my reach.

That’s where my lessons have come in.  I’m definitely learning patience in preparation. That just because I can’t afford it right now doesn’t mean I’ll never be able to afford it. It just means I need to conserve now, maybe pay off the debts first before worrying about savings.  Another lesson was related to external circumstances. Most people did not see the crisis approaching. Most were caught unawares. Bargaining for this in the time of excess is the best way in. For those like myself that didn’t learn this valuable lesson on time, it’s never too late to start. Stop taking those interest free credit cards. More credit won’t get you out of debt. The short-term gain is to the detriment of the longer-term security and is what got us into this mess in the first place.

This game is surely taking me to school.  Im well on my way to getting a bachelors degree in Economics.  But for now, my Internet access is back for the time being and I must take full advantage of it. Back to my game it is. Till next time folks.


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