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wbWhen RW gets behind a mission, we carry it all the way.  This might explain why our love for Warren Barfield (the man and his music!) has grown.  We have been ranting and raving about Warren Barfield for quite some time now.  We bought and recommended his album.  We sampled some of his songs for you.  Well now, we have just about outdone ourselves just so you can see for yourselves why Warren Barfield is a name not so easily forgotten! We went and found the man just to ask him a few questions that would reveal some part of his character to you.

This feature is slightly different.  For starters, it is brief.  As Warren is currently on tour, we have to appreciate the fact that he is busy albeit never too busy for us or his fans!

Next, this feature is only a taster.  We wanted to reveal to you that ‘Reach’ the album is a must-buy.  So we spoke to the man behind the music.  Ladies and Gentlemen.  Boys and Girls.  Dogs, cats and all fishes…  We are proud to present the man himself.  Warren Barfield…

RW:  Could you please tell us who you are and where you’re from.

WB: Warren Harding Barfield, Jr. I’m the third of four children to Warren Sr. & Pat Barfield. I was born in Goldsboro, NC. I grew up in several small towns in NC as we moved due to my dad being a pastor.

RW: Although you’ve got several albums out in stores now, you’re still relatively unknown. would like to know the man behind the music. Who is Warren Barfield?

WB: It is mystery even to me. I’m still learning who I am. At this moment I am a husband to one, a friend to a few, and an artist to many.

RW: For someone who has never heard of you and doesn’t know what you are about. Why should such a person pick up your album ‘Reach’?

WB: If you have ever wondered why you are here. If you have ever questioned why things happen like they do. If you are a person who finds it hard to settle for the answer, “that’s just the way it is”, then REACH might be a record that you would enjoy listening too.

RW: You’re not just a talented singer and a pretty face. You are a very talented song-writer. Where do you get your inspiration?

WB: I write about life and the way it affects me, or the way I aspire to affect it. Inspiration comes in many different ways. Maybe a book, or a song, a conversation, or just the created world around me.

RW: Listening to your latest album ‘Reach’, the listener is left feeling elated and much more reflective. Picking a song at random, ‘Saved’ for instance is a powerful song that makes the listener feel like they can relate to the song and feel loved rather than feel condemned for their past experiences and the way they are. Could you give us an insight to how you were feeling when you wrote the song.

WB: I wanted to write a song that expressed the fact that I have been rescued from hopelessness through Christ. And I wanted to say it in such a way that the listener would know I believed what I was saying. Excitement, gratefulness, and passion are a few words that describe what i was feeling when I wrote “Saved”.

RW: Now that your albums is in stores, how do you feel having poured yourself into it and having it in people’s homes and cars?

WB: To some extent I feel relieved to finally have all of that emotion out of me. It is a form of release. But it is also frightening to put yourself out there where people will either accept or reject you. You hope that everyone will connect, but I realize that it is rare for such a thing to happen.

RW: Does the attention you get ever get too much for you to handle?

WB: The pressure is overwhelming sometimes. My faith keeps me from totally loosing it.

RW: You are married and have a successful career that seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Having had some experience of the man rather than just the musician, I can say you are one of the most humble people I’ve met in a while and you definitely make a impression that’s lasting no matter how brief the encounter. How do you handle the pressure of it all and still stay grounded and humble and relateable?

WB: Like I said before, my faith keeps me from loosing all perspective. The scriptures are a wonderful place to turn for wisdom on how to handle the stress of this life. I’m just a normal dude. I have a wife and a home and a puppy. I take out the garbage. Yea, I stand on a stage most nights and sing songs, but it’s more important to me what people think of me off the stage than what they think of me when I’m on it.

RW: We heard of the struggles you went through after your first album. Looking forward now, what have you gained from that experience that you feel you needed to learn either for your own development or for someone else’s?

WB: I am grateful for all the struggles I have had. I didn’t enjoy them at the time, but they have given me a clearer perspective on what life is really about for me. As far as what specific thing I’ve learned, I guess it’s that I’m still learning.

RW: Do you ever get so frightened of what might be in store for you that you just want to pack it all in while you’re still riding high on the waves of success?

WB: I quit at least once a day. Then I get back to work. Success means something different to me today than it once did. It’s becoming more about being genuine and honestly connecting with people. Those connections sometimes require more work and often come much slower than you hope for. But they are much more valuable than the shallow mass of fans that most artist work to attain.

RW: What keeps you going when everything else fails you?

WB: The idea of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the opposite of what matters most in this world. It is inspiring.

RW: What can we expect from you in the coming years?

WB: I will be working on being a better husband and friend. I hope I’m a good father when the time comes. I will be creating music inspired by the world I live in and the hope of the world beyond this one.

See?  A true star and gentleman!  The album ‘Reach’ is at stores everywhere now.  Pick one up today!

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