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For the sake of others

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As I started my journey from my house to work on a Monday morning, hoping to catch some zzz’s on the bus before I reach my destination.  The noise of music coming from nowhere startled me back to reality as I searched frantically around, cranking my head left to right to find out who the culprit is; only to find myself eye balling a grown man dressed in a 2 colour toned suit with his trousers hanging low and double studs in each ear, alarming the bus with an eerie music coming from  last year’s Sony Ericsson phone.

The most amusing sight was that the dude was behaving as though he was God’s gift to women, checking out his reflection from the window, just to make sure the extension he used for his braids were still there. I couldn’t take in the sight anymore and wished I had my ipod on me at the point to distract me.  I sat there wishing I could get the driver to hurry up and drop me off at my stop or make an announcement calling for those causing “visual offence” to hop off board.

This incident got me thinking hard about the point when a boy transitions into a man.  When does this begin in the lifecycle of a male species? I just can not seem to comprehend the logic behind some men’s thinking.   Could it be the X & Y chromosomes tangled up somewhere?  This is not my feminist side rearing its ugly head but my fragile human vessel coming to terms with how we treat each other with lack of respect.

Now I am not against listening to music.  I believe in the use of headphones along with personal audio players – and I emphasis on the word “personal” - although nowadays people think it is acceptable to omit the earphones and use their speakers via their “personal” mobile phones. Are these set of hooligans to blame for its misuse? Manufacturers like Sony are developing the phone for this purpose. I came across the advert for the new Sony Ericsson W995 phone which comes with an additional wireless portable speaker created for the “music lovers”. ‘Gee…thanks a lot’! Bring on the ASBOs.

I seem to have digressed from my main issue with this particular dude; actually there was more than one. This one troubled me with his trousers worn below bum level.  Could someone shed some light on my ignorance perhaps? I just cannot seem to understand the reason behind why guys (from all nationalities, from the age of 14 and above) dress in this manner. It is beyond me, it is not cool but tacky, and it isn’t attractive to us women or is it? (I would love to hear from someone who thinks it is a turn – on).

I once came across a guy wearing his trousers from the knee level down, the top part on show was his boxer pants which stated “Calvin Kline” (no I haven’t made a typo error), Mr Klein must be proud. It was painful watching him trying to walk and still trying to maintain his cool…what foolishness!

Men and earrings; 2 sets in one ear….why – I ask again? Maybe I am the only one struggling to know why we feel we have to conform to the way society looks or behaves to be accepted as an individual within our community or circle of friends. Or could it be I have become out of sync with the definition of “cool”.

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  • Motunrayo said:

    This got me laughing some.
    I love the subtle yet informative way the writer strung the words together. it makes you just sit and imagine through the writers eyes.

    It gets you thinking even after you close the page.
    It painted such a vivid picture

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