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Somebody answer the phone!

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OK, Can I have a moment to lament here people? My grievance is one of a personal matter (giving nothing away of course!) but I need some assistance in answering a question that has been coming up in some of my conversations of late.  The question I’m posing today is this:  What do you do when the person you like never calls you?

That’s right folks.  You like someone, really like someone, but the thing is the person doesn’t ever call you.  You guys are acquainted, or in some cases maybe even friends, but calling you is not something that is regular practice with this person.

Some might stand back and ask – Why don’t you call them?  Fair point, but for the female population, and even the male ones, stalking has never been an attractive trait to possess.

The other question someone else might ask is does this mean the person doesn’t like you back if they don’t call you?  I know I for one am guilty of this.  I rarely ever call people – even those closest to me.  My family and friends are forever complaining that I don’t call them.  No matter how many times I repent and beg their forgiveness, I just don’t call.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t care; in fact I’m forever thinking of all the people I should call but I never seem to get the chance to do so.

Somehow though, it seems different when it relates to someone you have a crush on.  If you really like the person, it seems when they don’t call you, you automatically feel it is a sign of rejection.  A sign that they are not feeling for you what you are feeling for them.  You start feeling dejected and often times can’t make sense of why this person just won’t call you.

For men, this might work differently.  You are the ones expected to do the chasing, majority of the time.  For women, well some women, you are the ones wanting to be chased.  This means that either way, there is someone somewhere waiting for a call that might not come.  It could be the guy who is always calling a girl he likes but she never returns the favour.  Or it could be the woman who is sitting by the phone, waiting for the guy she likes to think of her and actually dial her number in the hopes of engaging her in conversation.

Back then to the question.  What do you do when the person you like never calls you?  For me, this is a sore topic so I think I’ll step back but really what does a person do in such a case?  Do you take the lead, male or female, and call them?  What then happens if they don’t pick up and then don’t call you back?  That adds to the feeling of rejection.

Is calling someone a sign of your interest in that person?  I for one know that at the very basic level it shows that you’re interested in getting to know them better.  In the event that I like that person, it indicates that the person might just feel the same way about me.

So what then is the conclusion?  Is calling the only way to show interest?  Does not calling show the person’s true feelings towards you?  I don’t know the answer but it sure would be interesting to pick people’s brains.

I know I hate liking someone and they never call me.  I also know I don’t call those closest to me; people I love and that’s due to the pressures of my daily activities and schedule.  So is there a balance and if so, what is it?  I get so frustrated waiting for the phone to ring but I know I’m no better in that respect.  So I make a proposition.  I propose that a law be passed that says that if you like someone, you call or text them even if it’s just a hello.  It indicates your interest and opens the door to start getting to know each other better.  Anyone with me?

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