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Wear them boots!

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boots Guys all over the world – we need your help!  Women are coming from far and wide in need of your expertise.  They would like to know the reasons why it seems that the only view they can hold of the men around them is that they are ‘dogs’ – not because they want to view them in this light but because the men’s actions provokes this response.

I was thinking about this recently.  I was thinking of how we (as females) mostly see men as predators/hunters who once they’ve caught their prey simply discard of them and move on the next.  There is no need to stick around once they’ve conquered!

This is not an attack.  It’s more of a cry for help so help us out guys.  Autumn is upon us and with the nights getting colder the question is: What do we need to do in order to get and keep your attention?  Are we as women (not all but most I believe will agree) destined to go through this life constantly in fear of being used and discarded?  Is there no middle ground?

I was watching ‘All of Us’ per chance and the episode was one that proved somewhat educational.  The lead character made some statements which I have had to admit was hard to argue with.  Having being asked by a random female why she keeps attracting ‘players’ and ‘dogs’, he replied that she needed to lose the ‘hooker’ shoes and put on some boots.

He was saying that boots invoke interest as it provides mystery.  The guy doesn’t know if under the boots you have a French manicure or bunions!  He, in turn, wants to know what lies underneath and would thereby try that much harder to find out and in so doing, you as the woman can pull the stops to keep him around – that is of course if you want him!

According to him, it filters it down.  The players and dogs wouldn’t approach a woman wearing boots – or that is the theory.  They are looking for an easy target.  The more serious of the men – the good ones – are the ones who would approach because, should you not mess up, they are looking for something more lasting.

Why am I talking about shoes you might ask?  Well for some women, that’s the only language they understand and this includes me but let me try and cross all language barriers.

A joke between my friends and I and through my teenage years played on the fact that we believed that men would date and tend you in the winter and dump you in the spring.  Just in time to get their ‘mack’ on for the summer.  Well most women are still single in the winter.  Why?  Could it be because they are still wearing their sandals when the fall comes round?

Unfortunately, in the general and grander picture, it seems that the theory about men and the changing seasons plays true.  Even more unfortunate, or maybe fortunate, is the fact that I had to get the answer to the question of keeping a man’s attention (or at least a theory that rings true) from a TV show.  The theory could be used to explain why some men dump their relative other in the summer because the other girls they are meeting are ‘unknown’ to them.

So how then can you keep your relationship alive regardless of the season?  Apparently the answer is to WEAR BOOTS!  Don’t let it all hang at the first hello.  Maintain some sort of mystique.  Keep him (or her!) guessing and please do not stress or nag.  Be the person he met and wanted to spend some time with.

Now I know that there are some guys out there who have no agenda other than to screw you and any other female that crosses their paths over.  But for the sake of all our hearts, let’s assume that they are in the minority.  You can have a healthy loving relationship that is not dependent on the seasons of the year.

If you think about it really, it’s common sense.  If, when you meet someone, you’ve seen all there is to them, what’s to keep you interested?  WE all – whether male or female – don’t like the ‘predictable’ and ‘constant’.  We like a bit of spontaneity and suspense as well as adventure.

The term ‘wear them boots’ for me covers the way you dress, talk, carry and portray yourself and much more.  If when a guy sees you, you are half dressed or even fully naked, why would you expect him to stay?  You are, in effect, telling him it is OK to hit and run.  Whatever you feel you are ‘putting on him’, another can do better and look better doing it.  The only difference is if you had him guessing, wondering and dreaming before hand, the chances are if he’s stayed the chase, he would last the race.  There’s nothing new under the sun and as the old saying goes: ‘If you want him to stay, don’t give him none!’

Now guys don’t bite my head off.  Remember, I am merely passing along information here.  But then maybe that should be our focus.  We should focus on respecting and valuing ourselves and demanding respect rather than letting it all hang out hoping and praying that maybe it’ll be enough to last the night.  Maybe we should all go into whatever the season wearing our boots.  Respect, Value, Honour, Femininity and good morals.  I for one have got my boots firmly on and I am noticing a change!

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