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Night to remember



Close-up of Surprised ManLife is so amazing. In this life, you get to interact and deal with different kinds of people. As we all know, everyone is different and I believe it’s this very difference that makes this life worth living. Each characteristic and personality trait makes for intriguing exploration. I love meeting new people; that might explain why I had so much fun tonight.

I was at a function organised by a friend and it proved to be a very interesting night! It was not a particularly large group so you got to mingle and interact with almost everyone there on some level. That for me, as interesting as it was, was not the highlight of the night. Instead, what proved to be the most fun were the conversations that took place.

When any group of people get together, as long as they are comfortable in their environment, there tends to be very interesting and often scandalous topics discussed. Tonight was no exception. Some interesting topics discussed included: ‘What kinds of temptations do men face?’ ‘Do men face more pressure (temptations) daily than women?’ ‘Is all media controlled?’ ‘Can there be boundaries set within a relationship?’

These are some of the questions debated. The one that I would like to consider for a second is the issue of temptation. The question: ‘Do men face more temptation on a daily basis than women do?’

Well this was a very interesting one. Personally, I thought it was a very easy one to answer but some seemed to believe that women face more temptations than men. My viewpoint differs and is easily laid out – Men are naturally very visual creatures and are therefore moved by what they see. This means that, for most men, there is a lot to be tempted by daily. Just consider for a second the way women dress these days. Before you attack, please hear me out and remember that I am a woman also!

Maybe we should consider the abstract first. Maybe a mental exercise is in order before I proceed. Can everyone reading just think back on a bill-board advert they’ve seen recently. It could be any but it must include people. Whatever the product on offer, the likelihood is that the picture that precedes it is usually that of a half naked woman. It could be the advert for a gym or even a TV program. Remember, men are moved by what they see. They automatically see these images and should his eyes rest on them a little longer than is necessary, it becomes imprinted in his memory and can play havoc to his systems. Women on the other hand are very different!

Whilst men are moved by what they see, women are moved by what they hear. I can testify to this. I can’t tell you how many times I have met a guy and the dude is not necessarily my type. Yet he says all the right things at the right time, he’s funny, he knows how to make me feel (by what he says and does!) just like I believe a guy should make me feel. Before I know it, I’m emotionally attached to this dude. I mean I’m completely hooked on this dude.

It all boils down to the very nature of men and women. Whoever said ‘men are from mars and women are from Venus’ was not lying. We are totally different beings and our make-ups are very significantly different. Whilst the first need of a man is sexual fulfilment, a woman’s first need is affection and love. A woman needs communication and conversation while the man needs recreational companionship. We are different which means that the pressures and temptations we face are very different. Our needs, although different, are no less important than the other. It is realising that they are not the same that makes it all work!

I’ve come to realise that what sets one man apart from the other is his level of discipline. While you could have two men walking down the road and both see the same bill-board; one might ‘pop’ his head so far back that you fear he would break his neck and the other simply walks past and is seemingly unaffected by what he just saw. The difference between the two? Discipline! I believe this is key as I feel that if a man is disciplined in this particular area of his life, he will display the same discipline in other areas of his life.

We are not just driven by our feelings and instincts. We are all programmed through experiences, acquired general knowledge and other sources on these issues. The question attempts to explore which sex faces the most temptation, in this case sexual, on a daily basis. Well after we concluded that men faced the most temptation, the next step is to tackle or suggest ways to help overcome these temptations. That is where I believe discipline comes in – and of course, the man must want to make a change and be better and not just act like an animal anytime he sees a woman wearing a short skirt or a low necked top or a billboard with a half naked woman on it.


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