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Online love dilemma



redlaptopThis was the decision I was confronted with in a heated discussion with a group of friends who were all convinced that there is absolutely nothing wrong with searching for a “potential” mate via the internet. Well if we put aside the crazed maniac with a bad case of mis-match identity, the pen pal from Africa who claims to have connections with royalty aka “Kings and Queens of 419” and the fear of the unknown, then surely it can’t be that bad.  It sounds like the easiest and convenient way of meeting someone. At a click of button you can browse, select, add to shopping basket and get acquainted with your goods courtesy of PAYPAL.

Statistics shows that fifteen million people in Britain are single, and almost five million are looking for love online. 20 percent of married people between the ages of 19 and 25 met their spouse online and according to research at Bath University, a relationship that was started online lasts an average 7 months*. One must wonder how long an average relationship lasts when it’s not formed on the internet. Feel free to conduct your own research to answer that!

The number of dating sites are growing per day in correlation with the number of single people it seems. They come in a range of genres to fit your type (Christians, Asian, Black American, Africans, Over 60’s) whatever your class, race, gender, age you are bound to find another singleton  like you “seeking someone with a GSOH” – or so they say. And yes! Facebook can be safely added to the list. I have heard stories of long term relationships sinking to an end – when it all started with a POKE!

As someone who is not interested AT all in casual dating but rather searching for commitment which will eventually go down the M4L route (that is marriage for life) avoiding heavy traffic at IMMORALITY junction, I cant say I’m interested in whatever can be found lurking on these sites.  I know one can’t say I won’t find Mr. Right but there are way too many Mr. Right now on there for me to really bother.  The question that remains lurking though still remains – Is it possible that I might meet the “one” and so therefore should I take a gamble and see what happens?

The idea of browsing a website in search of a spouse just sounds very “je ne sais pas”… (I can’t put a word to it), it is risky business which can work in your favour or send you on an unknown route. Is it morally acceptable? I think we rely too much on technology to cater for our needs overall. Whatever happened to the traditional way of Boy meets Girl – in person? Imagine a scenario where you ask a newly-wed the question “So how did you guys meet?” and the response you get is “we meet online at”. Do you stifle a giggle, wait for the punch line or resume conversation as normal?

As I huffed and puffed on this debate, slowly I came to the realisation that out of everyone in the group, I was the only ONE still single and here I was knocking down the options available to me. I have been to several weddings, parties, singles events and I am still searching! Tick Tock! My biological clock sets off a panic alarm.  SIGN IN!

*(Source: Dating Sites


  • gogogarygo said:

    you must try it. I had a horrible breakup recently, spent a few months moping around. I then decided enough was enough and placed my details online. Now in a happy relationship

  • frontierville said:

    Brazenly earthy and weary of scurvy sympathy

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