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A new dawn

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dreamerAt the start of a New Year, most people feel reflective on the past year and are excited for the New Year ahead. All the past hurts and burdens as well as the unmet expectations and frustrated promises are quickly discarded in the hope that a new year would bring with it a turnaround of fortunes and luck. For some people, this ‘new year euphoria’ lasts the month of January. For others, it carries on as far as March, maybe April but then reality comes crashing in.

A man once defined insanity as ‘doing the same thing and expecting a different result’. Applying this definition to the New Year euphoria, it seems that most of the world’s population is insane! Every year most people enter into the New Year carrying the same baggage, the same financial woes and set unrealistic targets for eradicating these burdens. Its almost as though the expectation is that once the clock strikes midnight, you shed your old skin and become a new person without delving into your past hurts and working through the healing process needed to thrive in this next level.

Take the American presidency for example. Unless you’re stuck in the Arctic mountains, you are probably aware that America has a new leader. His entire campaign and message was ‘Change you can believe in’. Change not just in America but also all over the world. A much needed message but for those who have been watching the news, it is evident that the change he is after isn’t going to happen in a year. Maybe not even in three to four years. Like any seed that is planted in the ground, there is a season when you can’t see any fruit produced till the right time to harvest it has come.

Unfortunately, it seems some people don’t subscribe to this logic when it comes to their own lives. I get the idea that a new year is meant to bring with it endless possibilities for a new start. This start cannot take root or be sustained however if the past is not dealt. A man or woman going into a new year having not dealt with hurts from the previous year is bound to be left frustrated and discouraged in the new one.

2009 was a very interesting year for me. I started off very excited about all the opportunities the year held. I spent the month of January in limbo as I always do trying to figure out what the year actually held. Then, having believed I had it covered, I started looking into how I could make my plans a reality. By April, I was burnt out. Not because my plans were not coming to fruition, but because I was carrying baggage I hadn’t checked out before embarking on the new journey.

I started feeling disconnected and empty. Before I knew it, another year had passed with nothing achieved. I hid behind my work and tried to justify my lack of efficiency in not having enough time. Relationally I became a dead zone. Hurts from the last year that were unresolved caused me to find fault in all around me. One person hurt me so I cut everyone else out. Its not surprising to find that I felt I was making zero progress in the things that mattered to me.

This might not be your story but I’m sure it’s similar. In any situation, if you leave things to fester while trying to cover it up with perfume, in time, it will cause an outbreak and the stink will be impossible to disguise. Running away from things that have caused you pain and not dealing with it doesn’t cause it to go away. Not checking yourself and your spending wont cause you to get rich. You need to find out what your faults and fears are and embrace them. In knowing what causes you pain or what your weaknesses are and then putting the right plans in place to sort through can you truly grow and thrive.

It sounds basic – foolish even. But think about it. We see it all the time all around us. Take a new relationship for an example. The man or woman entering the relationship having not dealt with the pain their ex-partner caused them will inevitably lead to a disaster. There has been no growth. No understanding of what went wrong. No healing for the pain felt. It is no wonder when such a relationship doesn’t work. It started off on the wrong foot! We all have our shortcomings and things that displease us. Admit it. Don’t suppress it. To do so will be to replicate the past hurts and mistakes – even into the New Year.

2010, I feel is different because I entered the year with a different perspective. Thankfully I have learnt from my mistakes and January has been a month where I’ve achieved more than I did in the latter end of 2009 and even the whole of 2008 and I’m satisfied and happy. My goals are realistic and I keep updating them so as to manage my own expectations. Its definitely a new dawn and I feel alive and up to the task. I am currently reflective because I know how easy it is to slip. This year will not be a repeat of my past but a showcase of my growth and an increase in my ability to do more with my gifts and talents. Make time to do some of the things you want to do. Put a plan in place to sort out your finances. Start saving towards a holiday or a course to better you. It’s a new dawn people – lets not waste it.

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    Recreate for your dreams and you’ll hate faith

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