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Broken heels



womanDon’t know what it is but I’ve been learning some valuable lessons through music recently.  Random lyrics have been floating around in my head of late and instead of being dismissive of it, I find myself picking out words of wisdom and storing the rest away for future dissection!

This morning it was a song about women doing things better than men. Not just doing things better, but doing it better in BROKEN heels! Now every woman out there understands full well that very little can be accomplished with broken heels.  You can’t run for the train. You can’t even walk straight but here is a lady instructing us all that women can do anything a man can and do it better even with broken heels.

I couldn’t help but smile the first time I heard this.  I think in pictures so the picture that came to mind was of a suited woman trying to get to multiple meetings in and around Manhattan.  These meetings are make or break for her career and could ruin her ambitions if it doesn’t go right.  On her way to the first meeting, one of her new Louboutins gets caught on the kerb and she loses half of the heel on her right shoe.  She keeps going. She jumps into the waiting cab with all her files and baggage and keeps focused on the task at hand – all the while angrily ignoring the broken heel of her new pair of shoes. She gets to her destination and walks confidently into the room full of suits and takes control. No one even notices her shoes as she takes command.  Afterwards, she runs into the bathroom to check the damage as her phone begins to shill loudly reminding her that she is almost late for her next engagement.

She runs out into the next cab and as she reaches her next meeting, the next heel, unable to handle holding the added weight, gives way under the pressure.  Flinging the other half heel to the side, she sashays into the next meeting and knocks ‘em dead!

By this point in my moving picture, my smile is beyond huge. I try to picture what a man would do and I could not imagine ANY man being able to handle the different tasks with such confidence after been dealt so many harsh cards – in broken heels!  This is not me saying that men are not as confident. On the contrary. What I am saying is I have seen many women handle these kinds of cards with expertise even though their confidence is shaken to the core!  Very few men I’ve encountered had passed the test in the same way.

I am a woman who works in a pre-dominantly male environment. I am also relatively young in comparison to my colleagues and I have found that this can be a hindrance as well as an enabler – all dependent on the situation.  Based on my experience of working in such an environment I’m normally the one advocating for the men as I feel they are so dumped on when it comes to the gender fight. This time round though, I am in agreement with the singer. It might have to do with the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the song or the fact that I have come to appreciate the strength of women in general.  I’ve seen women display immense strength at times when anyone else would have crumbled.  Perhaps I’m in a place when I’m truly appreciative of the mothers, wives, sisters, and girlfriends I have been encountering all month long.

I work and associate with men in areas of influence in my line of work.  What constantly surprises me is how reliant they are on the nameless women in their lives.  They are the focal point of big companies but they are absolutely weak without their wives who they rely on to keep their home lives in order so they can focus on running the company. Some of these women also hold down a job and are high-fliers in their industries. It’s shocking. Women are not given the recognition they deserve for it though. The men take the glory while the women do all the work. I’m not disputing that we all have our roles to play but I’m in awe of all the women out there doing so much and holding it all together.

Recently there have been a lot of discussions on the issues within our society and who is to blame for this.  I keep hearing the discussions go back to the youths that have been raised in single parent homes and how some of the mothers are not doing so great a job in keeping their kids in line. This is then deemed as the reason why we have so many kids on the streets causing havoc. I agree that the family structure is broken down in our society and the effects of it are felt by all, but each time I have met a single mother, the impression I’m left with is how strong they are. They are not just keeping a home; they are working several jobs, they are keeping themselves fit, they are trying to discipline their kids. Now I know that’s not all single mothers but painting everyone with the same brush surely does more harm than good.  Should we not celebrate those that are putting their all in and getting very little in return?

This is meant to be a light hearted discussion so I’ll take it back to the song.  Women everywhere really do need a mantra that shows their strength and if this song can be to the 21st century what girl power was to the 20th century women, so be it.  Ladies, be fashionable, sexy, hard working, ambitious and kick those boys’ butts! Show them how it’s done – even with broken heels! Are you with me?!!?


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