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Everyone has those moments where it’s almost as though a light was turned on in your head.  It could be the moment you realised the answer to a long standing problem.  Or the moment you see through a distressing situation to the cause of the pain.  It could be the moment you understand the meaning of a frequently used slang.  Whatever the case may be, most people have experienced something of the sort.

Reflecting on the end of the first month of the new year, I had such a moment.  It was a moment of simple clarity.  It’s difficult to explain the feeling but it was almost like a clicking into place of a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle.  Everything seemed brighter.  The air smelt cleaner.  It was an indescribable feeling of elation.

For a couple of years now, I’ve been walking under a blanket of darkness in relation to a particular venture I had started.  I had stopped it halfway through and couldn’t find a way to get back on board.  I was constantly thinking about it but couldn’t reconcile myself to what I needed to do to get back on top of it.  So it stagnated and dragged on.  The time to complete got prolonged.  What was originally scheduled for a month then took two years.  And then, in a few minutes I got clarity! It was life changing.  I feel completely transformed.  My mindset – in fact all my paradigms are completely renewed.

The moment of lucidity actually occurred at a time when I wasn’t focused on this particular venture.  I was reading about a strong woman in the Obama administration who I have since come to admire.  She is a woman using her natural ability to mix in different social circles to her advantage professionally. She has been dubbed the success behind the Obama ‘brand’.  Her office is a few doors away from Michelle Obama’s and she goes in to meetings with the president’s top officials every morning to weigh in on matters that affect the way the world sees the Obamas.

I was transfixed.  Here was an ordinary woman from New Orleans doing extra-ordinary things every day.  She isn’t necessarily the smartest woman in the world – that is to say she hasn’t found the cure for cancer or a way to stop global warming.  No.  This was a woman I consider extraordinary because of how ordinary she is.  She could be you or me.  She’s just someone who knows how to connect people.  She has built a network of friends who just happen to be world and business leaders, government officials, industry gurus and the like.  She knows what makes people tick.  She turned her assets, unconventional as they might be, in a career path that has made her a force to be reckoned with the domain of politics, trade, finance and education.

The more I pondered on the path my latest role-model undertook to get where she is today; it hit me that my focus for the past two years had been solely on me.  Not just merely centred on me but on all my weaknesses and flaws.  There were numerous but studying this lady’s life story made me realise the importance of studying one’s strengths and playing to them. I don’t know what it was about this realisation that cleared the way to my moment of clarity.  For two years I had been stuck in a rut.  I had struggled to find a way out and no matter what I had tried, I didn’t feel ‘right’ about proceeding.  However, in an instant, what I needed to do became so clear to me that I felt almost stupid.  The answer was so simple I almost didn’t want to acknowledge it.

For some people reading this, it could be a business matter that has you confounded.  Or maybe it’s a relational issue.  The resolutions to the issues you’ve been stumped by seem to be far-reaching or slow-coming.  You’ve almost given up on it.  The focus has been on all the things that have gone wrong.  All the things you are not.  Take a step back for a second.  Maybe study the life of someone who is successful in the area of your rut. It would surprise you how simple the answer is when the moment of clarity comes.

Most people overlooked this lady’s talents.  Her ability to hold parties that are the talk of the town. Her constant smile.  Her quiet strength.  Her ability to relate with people regardless of their background or cultural experience.  For most people, this isn’t a marketable quality.  Well, that quality is what makes her invaluable to the most powerful first family in the world.  That quality is what helps her keep ahead of her peers and has gained her respect in several arenas around the world.  That quality is what makes her extra-ordinary.

What are your assets? How can this be channelled to make a contribution to your community that would make you stand out? This new year – in fact the new decade – for me represents one of community and growth.  The time for reflection went by with the first month.  The plans have been formulated.  Now the ground work needs to be done.  No one is saying it’s going to be easy but then life isn’t easy.  For me, the only route available now is to work on my new mind frame.  I don’t have to be a genius to turn my strengths into marketable assets.  Clarity.  That’s the way forward people!


  • Francis_Ayo said:

    “It’s difficult to explain the feeling but it was almost like a clicking into place of a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle.”

    Hmmm…I know the feeling, Random Wonders,…such a beautiful feeling!

    Back in Jan ‘10, a couple of times or so, I had identical experiences to what you describe…that I think of in exactly the same way as you’ve expressed…the “clicking into place of a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle.”

    And it was so exciting and life-changing!

    Funnily enough, up until the moments when the “light came on” I hadn’t even realised I had any jigsaw pieces missing!?

    For me, clarity came about how I and how we as people can engage with and make the world richer and more beautiful and more vibrant through, among other things, love, forgiveness, our dreams, our passions and resources.

    Clarity…clear vision…clear understanding…a full heart thing…a beautiful thing.

  • girl nextdoor said:

    Electricity is really just organized lightning.

  • frontierville said:

    Snoringly provender and playacting with wagers

  • Simonne Borrow said:

    As I am also a fellow blog author I know very well that it can be very hard to think of thrilling blog post ideas time after time! As such I wanted to say: job well done! Kind Regards, Simonne Borrow

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