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Commit or Die: Even Good Relationships Should Have An Expiration Date

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Ive heard it said many times that men often know if they want to ‘wife’ you or not within 15mins of meeting you.  I contended with this at first but my experiences have since made me pause and wonder.  Do men really know what they want to offer you that early on? If so, regardless of some of the actions that may follow, women need to take note and keep it moving if the guy is not laying roots and committing – and I dont mean talking about committing but backing up his words with a little bling! I was surfing on one of my fav sites and found some truth that put things in a little perspective…


From SBM - By 25, you should know the type of woman/man you do not want to date. You may need more time to determine the type of woman/man you want to be with but if you can’t figure out the type of people you do not want to be with you are behind the learning curve. You need to enroll in Remedial Dating 101 before all your friends graduate and you’re still trying to figure out freshmen level dating.

Ladies, if a man is dating you for 12 months and he does not know what he wants from you (assuming you know what you want from him), another 12 – 36 months will not help. At some point, you need to leave him. No matter how good he is on paper, because if he is the man you need, he will come after you; otherwise, he is a good man but he is a good man that is wrong for you.

I’m going to be honest with the ladies – fellas forgive me – the average man knows where he wants a relationship to go in 48 hours (or less). Men play dumber than we are for the sake of avoiding accountability but when a man walks up to you he already has an idea of what he wants from you. As you begin conversing, he begins mentally assigning you to the various categories you may fall into in his life. If you meet on a Friday, by Monday he knows where he wants the relationship to go and it’s likely it will not change – and if it does, it will usually be for the worst. In other words, if he meets you and thinks, “This girl is possible wife material,” you can only go downhill from there. Furthermore, it is much harder for a girl to go from “this girl is a [garden tool]” to this girl is “wife material.”

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  • Andy said:

    A typical bloke would have an idea, call it first impression if you wish, but the rules aren’t exactly set in stone. A lot of things however influence the timing or nature of the final decision. Personally, I have never believed in asking a lady out until you are about 80% sure of what your response will be (irrespective of the “duration”)!

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