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My distaste for politicians keeps growing by the day. Each time I read about yet another self serving action disguised as public policy, I feel the impulse to March right up to the parliament gates and scream ‘off with their heads!’ Houses-of-parliament

Sitting on an overcrowded slow running train on my way to work, I open the paper only to close it in frustration. The headline “… Review angers senior MPs” captured my attention and reading further, the content angered me. The summary of the text was that MPs were angry that they might face a battle for their seats at the next election.  Did I miss something? Just the night before I read that the bank of America will be cutting 30000 jobs in the next 2-3 years. Yet the fact that MPs will have to convince their constituents that they are the best for the job and earn their seat causes havoc? Ridiculous!

I have no sympathy at all. These same people do nothing (in my humble opinion) for the very constituents they are supposed to represent. I have written my local MP many times for different things. The last letter I received was worded along the lines of ‘thanks for contacting me with an issue that the whole community has complained about. However to save myself I will be doing nothing. Thanks again – do please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you’. Useless. We had a petition signed by nearly the whole population in our borough about something that affected us all locally. Yet the defendant (one major property developer) won simply because our MP didn’t give us a voice. That might be on a local level but they are all to be tainted with the same brush. I say the reform is welcome. I’ve been rather basic in my opinion but this isn’t a political article debating the intricacies. Rather I’m frustrated at the fact that everything from train fares to electricity costs are rising with no changes being made to the facilities I’m paying so heavily for. The reform in parliament is the least of our worries. Do some work I say and spare a thought for those you are supposed to be representing rather than the current ’save yourself’ mentality. The re shuffling of constituencies is the least on any ones mind. If you are doing what you’re supposed to, you will have no issues keeping your seat or gaining a new one.

In the current climate of uncertainty, it is very difficult to empathise with politicians who have spent too much time talking and not enough time figuring a way out of the mess. instead of rewarding the very institutions that got us into this mess and taxing the everyday man at every turn, a realistic plan of action is needed. One that doesn’t just benefit those it has always favoured.

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