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This week has been one that has worn me out! I’ve literally been struggling through the week. I have been productive and achieved most of what I wanted to but the cost has been that I am exhausted and getting through purely on willpower. Why then is it that whenever I get yet another phone call with a to-do list attached I find myself apologising for being tired? Even in my own private thoughts I find myself reluctant to admit my pure exhaustion. It’s almost as though I have no right to feel as I do!

i-don-t-know-how-she-does-itThis weekend sees the release of the movie ‘I don’t know how she does it’ which is about a banker judging work, husband and kids and the general response has been that most women can relate. Well that is if you a working mother. Anyone else seems to have no right (or at least that’s the general perception) to feel like they are juggling too many balls. And I’m at my wit’s end with the BS.

As a single lady who works in a male dominated environment, I find myself constantly having to apologise for why I’m tired or why I just can’t make that impromptu after work drink. The attitude is ‘but you don’t have kids so what’s your excuse!?’. Pardon me but since when did having kids become the only reason to feel strung out?

I must admit that when I look at my friends who are juggling a bustling career, a husband and kids, family and everything else that gets thrown at them, the word ’superwoman’ comes to mind. But I’m not making claims at being a superwoman in that sense. I am a singleton who is juggling a busy career, a family, my own self and ambitions and everything else and I shouldn’t have to apologise for moments of exhaustion simply because I would be dismissed for not having kids and a husband. I work just as hard and I have demands on my time that other women don’t have because they have kids! I get all sorts dumped on my plate because the assumption is that I can handle it as I’m the single one. Well enough! I am tired dammit. And I make no apologies for that statement. You can take it or leave it frankly. Just keep your mouth shut as you form your opinions on me and my schedule and keep it moving!

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  • Andy said:

    Okay, okay I hear you! However I will be saving this to compare with your future (probably in a few months’ time when:
    1. You have to live with someone else whose habits might not necessarily be compatible with yours
    2. An additional 12kg of pregnancy-induced body tissue slows down your every move
    3. When you spend 70% of your time thinking of how you are going to cope on your maternity leave, when your colleagues continue to work
    4. You are just about to sleep when you suddenly sniff the “awesome smell” of baby’s nappy contents. You change them and then an hour later(what were you dreaming of again?), baby lets out an ear-piercing cry for the nighttime feed.
    5. No one calls you anymore – the single ones think you are too busy for them since you are married and the married ones have lives similar to yours.
    6. You can’t get to work early anymore – Junior’s nursery starts at 8am, not a minute earlier. By the way, they close at 6pm and you pay £1 per minute for being late.
    7. The work gets too much that you no more engage in your nocturnal activities with bros because you are too tired. You had looked forward to this so much pre-wedding! What is happening?
    8. The bookmark is still on that page of Genesis 33, you haven’t gone past that page in weeks.
    9. Rushing so much, you got into the car and remembered you had no make-up and forgot to wear the earrings you bought in Paris. You really wanted to wear them.
    There is so much more but don’t let me scare you…
    Life as a singleton could actually be bliss.

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