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Look who’s back!

I’ve been on a hiatus – sweet sweet hiatus. Needed some time off to ease some of the pressures I was under but I’m back! So much seems to have changed in my absence – most significantly, I broke up with my ‘boy-friend/thing/irritant’ and am looking to party! I hear cave men everywhere beating their chests in anticipation singing ‘At last’ Beyonce inaugural style!!!!

A new territory

Waking up one morning to the departure of yet any loved one was a very interesting experience for me. The emotions I expected to feel were not there but instead, I was experiencing something new – something I never thought I would experience. You see for me, being alone is not something new and therefore the thought of it doesn’t leave me in a panic. Being with someone and having someone love you unconditionally with the promise of sticking it out – now that’s foreign territory for me.

Maybe …