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Silly politics

My distaste for politicians keeps growing by the day. Each time I read about yet another self serving action disguised as public policy, I feel the impulse to March right up to the parliament gates and scream ‘off with their heads!’
Sitting on an overcrowded slow running train on my way to work, I open the paper only to close it in frustration. The headline “… Review angers senior MPs” captured my attention and reading further, the content angered me. The summary of the text was that MPs were angry …


Breakups are always a difficult thing to rationalise as every situation is so different and yet eeringly similar. Every relationship has its own unique trait and as such the breakup is unique. The underlying emotions however seem to be universal. That’s why we connect over music or written words that seem to have taken the words from your heart and put voice to it.
For me though, I find the causes for breakups so puzzling. What could separate two people who have found joy and love in each other? It’s such a …

A game of hearts

Calling all Arsenal supporters! The new FM2010 Arsenal edition is out!
That was the attention grabbing headline that had me all in a twist on a grey Autumn morning.  It wasnt because it was calling all Arsenal supporters.  It wasnt because the Arsenal edition of the Football Manager 2010 game was out.  You see in order for you to understand my predicament, I have to take you back to the middle of the week.
Compared to many people I know, I can not be classified as the most avid of football fans. …

This week has been one that has worn me out! I’ve literally been struggling through the week. I have been productive and achieved most of what I wanted to but the cost has been that I am exhausted and getting through purely on willpower. Why then is it that whenever I get yet another phone call with a to-do list attached I find myself apologising for being tired? Even in my own private thoughts I find myself reluctant to admit my pure exhaustion. It’s almost as though I have no right …

Reappearing Act

From ClutchMag - It usually starts with a simple text. “Hey stranger” or “hey there.” It’s short and simple but leaves you scratching your head.
Or maybe it’s something a bit more public.
You upload recent vacation photos to Facebook at 10p.m. and by 10:05, you’re notified of multiple comments on your recent flicks. “Cute,” “Looking good,” or “You went on vacation without me? lol.”
It’s him. You know him. The guy you dated once upon a time and he mysteriously disappeared. No rhyme or reason, he’s just gone. Women are all too …


I have always had many opinions on how the breakup of a committed relationship would work. I can’t pinpoint when I picked up the different ideas I had but I do know I was extremely opinionated and highly expressive about those opinions. Then reality hit in the form of the break down of MY committed, thought-it-was-forever relationship. All of a sudden I found myself in foreign waters unable to find a  friendly shore!
To put it all in context I must explain that prior to this relationship, everything else was classed as …