Why this book?

Everybody has a story. Everybody feels pain.

At times of hurt and loss, you can feel rejected and of no value or worth. At its heart, In the Vault deals with the trauma of lost love and the search for meaning hidden in our pain. The author, Tolu Adesina, takes you on a journey to unearthing the hidden gem in you that can only be found once you push through your pain. Tolu has a unique perspective into the every day issues and inner conflict we all face and will make you laugh, cry and scream as you connect and learn along with her.

In the Vault contains hilarious stories of near misses and tools for healing emotional hurts. It is an extremely personal and raw book which everyone can relate to and find a little of themselves in and journeys through deeply felt losses, shameful mistakes and vulnerable moments as well as the lessons learnt from each step of the journey.

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A Father's Love

Following the sudden loss of her father at a young age, Tolu is overcome with anger and deals with rejection from family, friends and the men she encountered. Using stories that are relatable, you are given a unique perspective into the darkness that comes with pain and loss as well as rare yet practical steps to help start the process of forgiving yourself and uncovering the value that is birthed in your mistakes and struggles.

Your Life. Your Story.

Everything you have been through up until this very moment has a purpose. Whether you see it or not, there is a thread in your story that is needed in the here and now. There is meaning in your mistakes. There is purpose in your pain. This book is extremely personal and raw but is at the same time, a book that everyone can relate to and find a little of yourself in. It takes you on a journey to recognising that no matter what you have been through, you can never lose your worth as there is grace present right now for yesterday’s mistakes. Like a rare diamond that has been spat on and dragged through the mud, though you do not look or feel like an item of worth, you are full of value.

Write your next chapter now!

No matter what you have been through till now, you can turn the page and start writing your next chapter now. You can decide what the outcome will be and take back control from all those who have hurt, rejected, walked away from or being pushed from you. This doesn't have to be the end. This book is a message of hope in the face of constant disappointment. It presents a way out when all the other steps you've taken have left you more bruised than before you began.

Read the first few chapters and it's awesome, honest and raw and so moving. As I read the next few chapters, it's gripped me as it's captured everything I've been feeling. Thank you for writing this book! You've done such an awesome thing.

Chilled Frills
Just a simple girl with a lot to say!

Where do I start!!!! Firstly it was that good that I read it in one day!!! The raw truth in this book is something else. You will be shocked, you will laugh hard, you will resonate, you will be on the verge of some serious tears and lastly you will be inspired and encouraged. All the emotions I went through whilst reading this book. The title will really become clear at the end. The wisdom in this book can only come from God alone. Kudos to the Author, Tolu Adesina! I really can't wait to read the next one 😁

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In The Vault makes a fantastic read ☺ and it wasn’t hard to draw similarities between Tolu’s journey thus far and mine. Every man and woman should read this book. I will definitely be recommending this book to my book club ladies. Love love it.

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This book literally blew me away and left me in tears! So many of the feelings I have gone through were explored and I really felt the author connecting with me on a personal level. Recommend!!!!

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Affectionately known as Kekere (Tiny), Tolu's passion for young people and their development is anything but tiny. An avid volunteer with a heart to inspire young minds to achieve their fullest potential in all areas, Tolu is the co-founder of the Women of the Word and Seed Foundation and spends a majority of her time engaging with teenagers and young adults on issues such as career development, emotional trauma and self-acceptance. With a warm yet engaging manner, Tolu cuts to the depth of the issues facing young people today in a relatable yet practical way and her raw but real conversational style of story-telling draws people in and ensures her message of love in the face of trauma reaches the depth of the hearts of those she engages through her blog and social media platforms.

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